Eight Figure Plus Settlement - Burn Injury; Boiler Explosion Causes Severe Injury

(Names and details omitted due to confidentiality requirements) ACME Corporation was performing routine maintenance to an aged boiler from 1962. While bringing the boiler back online the temperature was raised too quickly, reaching dangerous levels. The result was a catastrophic explosion which left three of our clients seriously injured.

Our clients' injuries ranged from 60 to 70% total body surface area (TBSA) burns, most of which were third degree. Two were rendered fully disabled and the third was rendered partially disabled. Due to limitations of recent caps on non-pecuniary damages that have been introduced in many states it is important to have a law firm capable of developing full life care plans, in conjunction with a team of life care planners and economic appraisers, to maximize the clients' recovery from these catastrophic burn injuries. A substantial and significant settlement was reached in our clients' favor.